MOA gave this surpries to TXT during its fanlive MOA gave this surpries to TXT during its fanlive

TXT gets emotional during its fanlive with this surprise from MOA

TXT held MOA X TOGETHER, a fanlive where the members reunited with MOA, and the fandom had a big surprise for the boy band

MOA and TXT love each other and they could be reunited with the latest fanlive of the boy band, it was full of surprises but there was one that made the idols feel emotional.

TXT is a very young K-Pop group, its idols are full of energy, talents and power that they show everytime they record at the studio or take the stages. That's why the idol group has now a lot of fans all over the world, they're together and show their love and support for the band.

As live events are resuming, Tomorrow X Together couldn't wait for its artists to be reunited with MOA once again, since they couldn't held an offline concert before, with their fanlive 'MOA X TOGETHER' the idols could see their admirers face-to-face.

The venue was full of fans, TXT took the stage and the best part is that not only south korean MOA could enjoy this show, since it was streamed online for international fans to watch this event and be part of the same, even if it's virtually.

MOA X TOGETHER was full of amazing moments, but there was a great surprise for the idols, MOA prepared a secret surprise for TXT.

MOA surprised TXT during its fanlive with these amazing words

TXT's fanlive was full of great moments for the idols and MOA, but there was a special part, TXT showed a banner for its fans, the slogan had this phrase:

Be with us tomorrow, forever and ever, MOA!

TXT's banner for MOA | Twitter: @kmthsgf

But the idols got a fast reply since MOA had its own banner and the fans showed it for the idols, with some amazing words for them.

The moments of TXT and MOA that feel like a dream will be with us forever 

MOA showed its own slogan for TXT | Twitter: @centergyu

OMG! As you can see, every fan in the venue held their banner, and TXT wasn't expecting this big surprise from MOA.

Yeonjun got very emotional for MOA's surprise

Yeonjun couldn't stop crying over the beautiful words that MOA expressed them with its banner, he was truly grateful and happy for this surprise. 

Yeonjun cried after seeing MOA's surprise for TXT | Twitter: @heysoob

Awww, that's the cutest side of Yeonjun, he really loved this surprise from MOA, it was just so amazing for all of the members.

We have a quiz for you, you'll find out who in TXT would be your best friend, who wouldn't love to share more moments with them? 

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