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TXT faces a hard challenge in the new hilarious episode of 'TO DO X TXT'

TXT is facing the most difficult moment of its career: Fly Yoga. Here's everything about the new episode of "TO DO X TXT".

The Internet is the master key for the worldwide diffusion of the Hallyu wave. As you may, know K-Pop groups are constantly in touch with their fans via social media. Even if we don't talk Korean, is pretty easy to stay tuned to our favorite artists' activities with the fans' communities.

In order to show more of themselves, various groups have their own variety show. This type of content is a great opportunity to see the Idols having fun while trying different activities. The K-Pop sensation, Tomorrow x Together has "TO DO X TXT".

TXT for 'TO DO X TXT' / Twitter @TXT_bighit

Despite the members being in great physical condition, during the latest episode of this show, they had a hard time. These good-looking Idols were suffering while practicing Flying Yoga. Their reactions were hilarious.

TXT members try for the first time Flying Yoga

On June 20th TXT dropped its latest episode of TO DO X TXT. This time, the members have the challenge of posing some yoga positions in the most relaxed way. The Idols immediately started to play around with the aerial silks.

TXT's Yeonjun asking for a break / Twitter @soob304

The lesson began with the instructor teache them how to use the silks properly. The whole group was very focused on keeping the balance. Despite feeling pain, the members were doing their best.

The first minutes were calm, but since the difficulty was increasing, screams were all over the room. Beomgyu was truly suffering, meanwhile, Soobin was easily getting all the instructions. Anyways, all of them were quite good at the lesson.

MOA is loving this episode, at the end lesson turned a little bit chaotic. For sure, the hilarious video is already one of the favorites of the fans. Check the full episode here. Be ready to laugh a lot, even the instructor was having fun.

Would you like to try flaying yoga?

Did you know that TXT members are fans of BTS? Check here the adorable Soobin and Taehyun reaction to "Yet To Come".

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