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TXT confess why MOA is an inspiration for their music

"Minisode 2 : Thursday's Child" is giving to TXT a lot of records. The members have revealed how their own emotions are inspiring their new music.

TXT just go back to the scenarios with their new album "Minisode 2 : Thursday's Child". As soon as it was release the album and the title single "Good Boy Gone Bad" were getting amazing marks on the global charts.

The massive success of Tomorrow x Together was achieved thanks to the talent of the members. At the same time, there is no doubt about the hard work these Idols put into their music and performances. 

TXT for 'Good Boy Gone Bad' / By @Codangis

Despite their short career, TXT is increasing its fandom with every single comeback. We wonder what is the secret key behind it. How has this group created a strong relation with the Gen Z public?

The young singers have talked about it. Everything is about their honest stories.

TXT members reveal what is the inspiration for their music

After winning the "Hero of the Year" prize at the NME Awards 2022 it was revealed a special interview with this media and TXT. In first place the group showed its gratitude for the trophy.

TXT for NME / @NME

The members were asked about relatable songs for the young generation. Beomgyu that they are living the same things as the rest of their generation and they are reflecting about it. Taehyun added:

We're still people who are growing, it was natural for us to address issues and experiences that were relevant for us.

The Idols explained that they are also getting to know the world thanks to the communication with the fandom. TXT is always using social media to keep in touch with MOA. Here they can find more inspiration. Taehyun said:

We can't experience everything in the world, so when we see what MOA writes, we really learn how they feel and think. 

It's a  wonderful inspiration and they're a big help for us.

If you are still in contact with TXT, maybe you could be inspiring their new song. Who knows! MOA, can you realest with TXT songs?

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