TXT announces new dates for the tour 'ACT : LOVE SICK', Asian MOA are you ready?

TXT has revealed new dates for its world tour "ACT : LOVE SICK". The group will be rocking the state in various Asian cities.

TXT popularity is not a joke! Its latest album "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child" broke tons of records. This successful album and the title single "Good Boy Gone Bad" gave the group third place as the best-selling K-Pop act.

Despite having a short career, the talented members of Tomorrow x Together are already a global sensation. It makes sense, the Idols are very talented and their music is great. They have nothing but the quality track in their discography.

TXT for 'Good Boy Gone Bad' / Twitter @tae_latam

A few weeks ago, the group announced their world tour "ACT : LOVE SICK". In just a couple of hours, all the concerts in the United States got sold out. The rest of the world is waiting for new dates to be announced. Well, Asia, finally TXT is coming to you.

TXT announces dates for the "ACT : LOVE SICK" tour in Asia

On June 21st BIGHIT revealed that TXT will be offering concerts with "ACT : LOVE SICK" in various Asian cities. The tour will begin in Jakarta on October 12. The group will perform in Manila on October 15 and 16.

TXT announce new concert dates in Asia / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Taipei is also included in the list with a show on October 19. Finally, Tomorrow x Together will conclude the tour with two concerts in Bangkok on October 22 and 23. The group will perform in big venues, we presage all the show will be sold out again.

The members dropped a video to announce these new dates. They will be really busy the rest of the year. In the upcoming September TXT will be holding various concerts in Japan. The group is conquering the world!

Asian MOA is celebrating the new dates. On the other hand, the rest of the world is hoping the group to announce more cities. Latin America and Europe also want to enjoy TXT's shows. Would you like to attend one of their concerts?

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