TXT and Salem Ilese TXT and Salem Ilese

TXT and Salem Ilese suprise MOA with wonderful 'PS5' performance in Los Angeles

TXT and Salem Ilese finally performed together their collab track "PS5"! MOA is celebrating their adorable chemistry.

Nowadays, western pop is pretty close to the K-Pop industry. Since the Hallyu wave is conquering the world, we are seeing tons of great collaboration between Korean Idols and anglophone pop artists.

We can talk for hours about these types of special songs. Because of the pandemic, many artists joined forces to create a single but they didn't meet. Is pretty common to see singers from different countries working online.

In February, the K-Pop sensation, TXT dropped a song in collab with Salem Ilese and Alan Walker. "PS5" is an addictive EDM track that MOA loved as soon as it was released. Finally, we saw these talented artists performing this single together.

Tomorrow x Together and Salem Ilese rock the stage with 'PS5'

On July 23rd TXT visited Los Angeles with its world tour "ACT: LOVE SICK". As usual, the concert was amazing! The five members are wonderful performers that can conquer easily the crowd with their powerful hits.

TXT and Salem Ilise performing together / Twitter @MinEungi6

MOA was really excited when Salem Ilise arrived on the stage to perform her collab with the group. The Idols and the pop singer had great chemistry in the scenario. They even danced to the "PS5" challenge.

Taehyun with Salem / Twitter @TXT_members

The show was simple but effective, the members were having a good time singing whit Salem. By the way, their voices sound very good together. On her Instagram account, Ilese posted a video of the show with a lovely message:

This was so fun, thank u so much for bringing me out. TXT, such an honor.

Salem Instagram story / Twitter @loserlover93

This performance was perfect! MOA is celebrating that the L.A. fanatics had the opportunity to enjoy the beloved single. Have you seen the meaningful show? Don't worry, check their performance here.

TXT' Yeonjun is really sweet with the fans. This is what happened during an encounter with MOA.

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