TXT and MOA had a great time in ACT: LOVESICK in Seoul TXT and MOA had a great time in ACT: LOVESICK in Seoul

TXT and MOA shared great moments at ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul concert

TXT was finally able to meet MOA at TXT ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul, how was their concert?

TXT finally has live concerts and shared the best with MOA at TXT and MOA shared great moments at ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul concert.

Finally, the face-to-face concerts have been fully resumed, after the long wait that we had to go through due to the pandemic, it seems that there are already optimal conditions for these events. Happiness radiates in K-Pop now that many idol groups have shows and world tours.

TXT couldn't be left behind, the idol group has been longing for in-person concerts for a while now as since their debut they haven't been able to meet properly or have such big concerts. They held some online shows with which they were able to share great moments with MOA internationally.

In this year, Tomorrow X Together finally had their fanmeeting where they could be in a more intimate show with MOA, plus it was also broadcast online and fans from all over the world could see it. It's been great and amazing, the idol group really wanted to have their performances in front of MOA.

But we know that a fanmeeting is not the same as a concert and now that TXT had their ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul we can say that happiness really flooded the idols and MOAs in this amazing show.

TXT finally met properly with MOA at ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul

TXT had a great concert, ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul was just wonderful. The concert made the fans really happy, it was held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. MOA finally got to see her favorite idols with cool and fun performances. Everything was good for the artists and their fans.

 It was an unforgettable experience for fans and TXT too, ACT:LOVESICK in Seoul is great and this is just the beginning of many more meetings with MOA.

TXT will reach many more cities with ACT:LOVESICK

The best thing is that this is only the beginning of TXT's ACT: LOVESICK world tour, as they already have confirmed shows for the United States, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and more countries. Finally MOA from various parts of the world will be able to see Tomorrow X Together live and the idols have great surprises for their fans.

TXT will get the world with ACT: LOVESICK | Twitter: @YOENJUNCHOl

We're ready for this World tour, but we hope that it gets to more places, we know there are fans in Europe and Latin America who want to see TXT live.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop artists and... Talking about world tours, STRAY KIDS had to postpone a couple of their shows in the US. 

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