Yeonjun at Inkigayo Yeonjun at Inkigayo

TXT's Yeonjun gives a warm message for a fan who is suffering depression

Yeonjun of Tomorrow x Together sent sweet words for a 13 years old MOA who is having a hard time. This is what he said.

The relationships between artist-fans are becoming stronger because of social media. Tomorrow x Together is in constant contact with MOA via different platforms. 

During the pandemic time some emotional health issues are affecting the lives of a lot of people. A fan of the band revealed to have a hard time suffering depression. Yeonjun decided to help her/him with comforting words. Do you want to know what he thinks about it?

Yeonjun of TXT / By @mediaforcyj

Yeonjun gave encouragement words to MOA

The Idol was spending some time on Weverse to answer some questions of the fans. An important comment kept Yeonjun's attention. A 13 years old fan having a hard time said: "Anxiety and depression are killing me, it's too hard to cry".

Yeonjun on message on Weverse / By @soob304

In order to comfort the person, the TXT member replied trying to understand the situation and promising "You will grow up really well". He shared a little bit of his personal experience.

If you just enjoy your entire life then you won't be able to feel how magical life really is

The 22 years old singer continued explaining that even if he is young he can realize something:

All the depression from the past and times where things were hard to death will become valuable.

It makes sense now and they made me who I am today.

The emotional mesagge of the artist is cheering the whole fandom. If you are suffering a similar situation, plase, look for professional help.

Meanwhile Yeonjun is here comforting you. Fighting!

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