TWICE's lighstick at the least expected place TWICE's lighstick at the least expected place

TWICE's lightstick makes an appearance at the least expected event

ONCE is everywhere and any event is good to show their love for TWICE and this girl group's lightstick appearance proves it

It seems that TWICE's lightsticks are not only limited to shining at K-Pop concerts, they will now be everywhere as well.

TWICE, like any K-Pop group, has its different elements that identify the girl group, such as its logo, official colors and lightstick that allow it to give a solid identity to both the group and its great fandom. We can find all this in the merch and official social networks of this idol group.

Although his lightstick has an even more special meaning and use, since it is usually a basic accessory for TWICE concerts, with this small lamp, ONCE will shine at each girl group event and has a more than special design to make it even more typical of the group and its fandom.

Candy Bong is the name of TWICE's Lightstick, it is shaped like a lollipop and lights up with different colors. This is really cool when idols perform live, as all of their fans carry their 'Candy Bong' and shine in the audience. K-Pop concerts always have this kind of accessory.

But TWICE's lightstick has come out of their concerts and we were able to find it at a slightly different event, although it was also a concert but a quite different artist than the K-Pop girl group.

ONCE shines with TWICE's lightstick at a Cavetown concert

On Twitter, there's a post of a fan who shared a video where you can see TWICE's lightstick at a concert by the artist Cavetown, LOL, became popular. So this accessory of the K-Pop group appeared at the least expected event thanks to ONCE's varied taste in music.

TWICE's lightstick at Cavetown concert | Twitter: @yenaville

LOL, it was fun to see TWICE's light stick outside a concert where the group was not performing, this accessory is used to draw the artist's attention, it's a good idea... But maybe not all events will let you in with this TWICE's special accessory.

How to identify TWICE's lightstick?

As previously mentioned, TWICE has a lightstick in the shape of a lollipop, even this is why it bears the name of 'Candy Bong', it is easy to see mainly because of its colors and its round shape. This is how you can identify it anywhere.

This is TWICE's lightstick | Twitter: @periwinklePHL

So if you see TWICE's lightstick somewhere else, don't hesitate to take a picture of it, LOL, it's always fun to find our favorite K-Pop groups in the least expected places.

And speaking of lightsticks, do you already know BLACKPINK's? This is another amazing K-Pop group with a special accessory for their fans. 

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