Sana and Miyeon Sana and Miyeon

TWICE's Sana shows her beautiful friendship with (G)-IDLE's Miyeon

Sana shared some photos with Miyeon, learn more about TWICE and (G)-IDLE's friendship

It seems that Sana and Myeon had a great time together and the idols of TWICE and (G)-IDLE had to show off their friendship for the fans with these cute photos.

TWICE is one of the most important girl groups in K-Pop, its members work hard on each song and performance for ONCE. Among them we will find Sana, an incredible singer and dancer who has surprised us with her great talents and amazing personality.

On the other hand, (G)-IDLE is also a great group made up of girls totally fierce in K-Pop, they are also really passionate about music and the stage and their songs and performances prove it. Among its members is Miyeon who, in addition to being an idol, has also worked as an actress.

And what about these two members of TWICE and (G)-IDLE? Well, Sana and Miyeon have had a beautiful friendship for years, and fans of both groups love to see their cute interactions, photos, and more. They make a cool duo and are really besties in K-Pop.

This time, Sana showed more of her friendship with Miyeon with these Instagram photos, how do the idols look together? They are one of the favorite duos we have in K-Pop.

Sana and Miyeon show off TWICE And (G)-IDLE's close friendship with their new Instagram photos

Through her official Instagram account, TWICE's Sana posted some photos she took with (G)-IDLE's Miyeon. The description of these photos says: 'My green', this has a special meaning since green is Sana's least fav color, but it's Miyeon's favorite and that's why she called her that, awww!

Sana and Miyeon | Instagram: @m.by__sana

As seen in the background of the photos, they were taken at Cube Entertainment, so Sana was visiting Miyeon when they were taken. Awww! This is super cute.

How did Sana and Miyeon meet? This is how they became friends 

In June 2020, Miyeon was on VLive and was asked who her favorite TWICE member was, she revealed that it was Sana and that she actually wanted to meet her. Later in November of the same year the idols met at Music Bank and then they talked and became friends.

They obviously shared their phone numbers and kept in touch, later showing off their friendship on Miyeon's Instagram, and it was really nice for fans to find out that they had become good friends.

Sana and Miyeon are friends since 2020 | Instagram: @official_g_i_dle

This friendship is really cute, we love Miyeon and Sana's interactions, they are great together and very sweet too. TWICE and (G)-IDLE's best friendship.

Keep reading more about TWICE and its members, like Nayeon who is about to debut as a soloist and she revealed the tracklist for her solo debut. 

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