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TWICE's Sana sheds tears while talking about their emotive concert at the Tokyo Dome

A few months ago WICE broke tons of records with its three nights concert at the Tokyo Dome. Sana has shared how special was the vent for her.

For almost 2 years, the music industry was affected by the pandemic. It wasn't impossible to hold a concert during the social distancing days. It was a hard time for the artists since they live for the applause.

ith ton precautions, finally the hottest singers in the world are back on the road. As you may know, TWICE broke many records last few months. The K-Pop sensation is now the first female Korean act to offer a Stadium concert in the United States.


That's not all, its "4th World Tour III" also was a whole success in Japan. The singers of "The Feels" become the first foreign girl group to perform for a three-night concert at the giant venue, the Tokyo Dome. San has talked about the special event.

Sana explains why TWICE concert at the Tokyo Dome was so special

On July 23st TWICE attend the Japanese show Venue101 to promote its new mini-album "Celebrate". In this episode, some interviews made after the Tokyo Dome concert were revealed. ONCE is melting for Sana's words about it.

Sana at 'Venue101' / Twitter @Riku_W_O501

In the clip, we see the beautiful Idol sharing crying after the concert. Initially, the show was planned to be held 2 years ago but it was postponed because of the pandemic. Sana was really moved since the nine members were finally back on the stage.

At the same time, the Japanese singer expressed her giant happiness while seeing ONCE getting into the venue. For sure it was very meaningful to perform again in one of the most important stadiums in her country.

As you may know, TWICE has insane popularity in Japan. Its new album is full one emotive tracks, such as the single title and many songs more written by the members. They are expressing their gratitude to be together for many years more. Read more about it here.

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