TWICE's Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' TWICE's Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon'

TWICE's Nayeon's voice shines in her upcoming songs 'Love Countdown and 'Candyfloss'

Are you waiting for Nayeon's solo debut? The member of TWICE is giving us some previous for the upcoming album "Im Nayeon". 

Finally, the main vocalist of TWICE is making her solo debut. Nayeon is getting ready to drop her own music. We all love the group but this time ONCE will be enjoying just the charisma and talent of the oldest member.

This beautiful lady has an amazing stage presence, just like the rest of the group, she has the ability to conquer the biggest crowns. On the other hand, the fans are waiting to listen more about her vocal skills. She is so talented!

'Im Nayeon' concept photo / Twitter @JYPETWICE

Her first solo album "Im Nayeon" will be here pretty soon. At the moment we listened to a little of "POP!" and the collab with STRAY KIDS' Felix "No problem". Do you want to listen more about the album? Here are the previews for "Love Countdown" and "Candyfloss"!

JYP Entertainment reveals previews for "Love Countdown" and "Candyfloss"

On June 14th TWICE official TikTok and Instagram accounts dropped a short clip where we can listen to a fragment of Love Countdown, which is a collaboration with Wonstein. It starts with Nayeon singing "Tell me, do you wanna be my lover?"

As usual, the sweet voice of the Idol sounds amazing. In comparison with the previous songs, this one seems to be softer. However, the beat is cheerful as well, we can't wait to listen to it, Wonstein's rap will fit perfectly with the melody.

Meanwhile, Candyfloss has an addictive and catchy chorus. Even though the track feels playful the lyrics could be talking about a more mature Nayeon's side. The song is really interesting.

Give me that, give me that, give me that Candyfloss

Cause you give me that, give me that, what I like the most

"Im Naeyon" will be an album that uses a magazine concept. It's perfect for the Idol, she looks gorgeous in every single photo. Her first solo project will be available on June 24th. We just have to wait a little bit more.

Have you heard the preview of Nayeon's collab with STRAY KIDS' Felix? This is how "NO Problem" sounds like.

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