Nayeon will debut as a soloist soon! Nayeon will debut as a soloist soon!

TWICE's Nayeon to debut as a solo artist and here's everything you need to know

Nayeon will release her first solo mini album, this TWICE idol is ready to shine as a soloist and here we have all the details

Nayeon has stood out for her talents and great work in TWICE and it is time to discover a new facet of this artist. Soon, she will debut as a solo artist and here is everything we know so far.

TWICE is a group of 9 girls who work hard to present all of their talents to their fans. Among them we will see the best singers, dancers and rappers who undoubtedly create a perfect formula for the studio and the stage thanks to their combination of musical skills.

Among the members of TWICE, we have Nayeon, a girl who from a very young age began to pursue her dream of becoming an idol. In 2010, she secretly auditioned for JYP Entertainment and definitely stayed with the company, becoming a trainee. After 3 years she was chosen to be part of 6Mix, but this project was never carried out since 3 girls who made it up decided to leave the agency.

Later, Im Nayeon was part of Sixteen, the reality show where the members of TWICE were chosen and that was how she was finally able to debut with an idol group after the long wait. She would soon shine with her girl group and prove that she is a great singer and dancer, conquering a lot of fans.

ONCE is ready to meet a new facet of Nayeon as an artist and that is why the TWICE idol will debut as a solo artist, here we have all the details of her first mini album.

TWICE's Nayeon will debut as a solo artist with her 1st mini album Im Nayeon, when will it be released?

Through TWICE's official social media accounts, it was made public that Nayeon will be debuting as a solo artist on June 24, 2022 with her first mini album 'Im Nayeon'. The concept of the first poster looks super fancy, girly and very cute. Surely we will have a great facet of the idol in this first release as a soloist.

This will be Nayeon's debut as a soloist | Twitter: @JYPETWICE

It's been rumored for a while that Nayeon would debut as a solo artist and now it's a reality, it's a great thing and we can't wait to hear the singer's first solo songs. There is still a month to go, so there will surely be more teasers and previews coming soon.

What can we expect from Nayeon's solo debut?

We are sure that Nayeon's voice will shine brightly in her solo debut. And it is that she always puts a special stamp on each TWICE song. But this idol has also surprised her fans with some covers where she demonstrates all the power of her voice and her great ranges. So we can only expect great quality in this first solo Nayeon mini album.


There will be a lot to enjoy in Nayeon's first mini album, will it be 6 songs maybe? Lots of new music and idol performances are on the way.

While we wait for Nayeon's solo debut, you can keep reading more about TWICE and their members, here we have all their Instagram accounts that the idols just released.

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