Nayeon from TWICE Nayeon from TWICE

TWICE's Nayeon rocks the Internet with her Louis Vuitton outfit

Are you looking for something to inspire a great outfit? TWICE's Nayeon has revealed a beautiful outfit that can be helpful for you.

All the members of TWICE are well known for their good taste in fashion. The beautiful singers of Alcohol Free always look stunning with the outfits on stage.

We saw them like adorable school students during Like OOH AHH and Cheer Up. Nobody can forget their princess style for What Is love? and Feel Special. Recently they use a more mature look with Scientist and I Can’t Stop Me, they are elegant and sophisticated young ladys.

The fans -and even the casual public- can take TWICE as reference when we are talking about fashion. The Idols also wear amazing outfits offstage. Nayeon recently broke the internet with a casual but great look. We are telling you all the details.

Nayeon from TWICE / By @colombia_twice

Nayeon from TWICE looks stunning wearing Louis Vuitton

On May 9th the official Instagram account of TWICE posted a set of photos of the lead vocalist Nayeon. The Idol is having a good time in a fresh garden. We can see her wearing a yellow crop top and a kerchief from the prestigious design house Louis Vuitton. Some blue jeans are the conclusion for the perfect outfit.

Nayeon on Instagram / Instagram @twicetagram

Almost immediately the fans spread the pictures all over the intenter. With apparent no reason the name of the singer and the hashtag #TWICEDivine were on the Twitter trends in various countries.

Nayeon's post / Instagram @twicetagram

The fans are wondering why the luxury brand Louis Vuitton is not looking for Nayeon to be an ambassador. No one can deny how gorgeous she looks wearing those clothes.

Nayeon's post / Instagram @twicetagram

Just a few weeks ago, we saw a similar case on the internet. Nayeon revealed herself with a new hairstyle. As you can see in the previous photos she is blonde these days. When she posted some photos, ONCE took social media to celebrate how beautiful she is. If you want to know more about this story read this article.

Did you like Nayeon’s outfit? Would you like to see her as an ambassador of this brand?

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