TWICE's Nayeon and STRAY KIDS' Felix TWICE's Nayeon and STRAY KIDS' Felix

TWICE's Nayeon reveals preview of her collab with STRAY KIDS' Felix, 'NO PROBLEM'

TWICE's Nayeon is debuting as a solo artist with the album "Im Nayeon". Let's listen to a little bit of "NO PROBLEM", a collab with Felix from STRAY KIDS.

Nayeon's solo debut will be here pretty soon! Are you excited about it? We can't wait for her solo album "Im Nayeon". This time, her charisma and talent have all the spotlight, and for sure she will not disappoint with her solo music.

Since her rookie days, the oldest of the TWICE stood out because of her natural charisma on stage. The music of this K-Pop sensation is well-known for being cheerful and fresh. Nayeon's personality fits perfectly this style.

Nayeon from TWICE / Twitter @JYPETWICE

However, the 26 year-old Idol now will be showing a more mature side with her first album. This project has a lot of surprises for the fans. One of those is her song "NO PROBLEM". She worked with STRAY KIDS' Felix in this track. Let's see how it sounds!

Nayeon drops "NO PROBLEM's preview, the collaboration with STRAY KIDS' Felix

In order to increase the expectations, JYP entertainment is giving us more details about "Im Nayeon", the first album of TWICE member, Nayeon. On June 13th was revealed the preview of the song "NO PROBLEM".

In the 27-seconds clip, we can listen to sweet Nayeon's voice singing a little bit of the chorus of this track. Her light tone shines in contrast with the deep voice of STRAY KIDS' Felix. This duet will be awesome!

The beat of the song has some 80s retro vibes. While the lyrics talk about a no-complicated love story, the music sounds energetic, just like Nayeon's personality. We can hear a few of her words.

There's is no problem for love, you and I, tonight.

No, there ain't no problem tonight.

It sounds amazing! The song, just like the rest of the album will be released on June 26th. We just have to wait a little bit more to listen to "Im Nayeon". Meanwhile, check here how ITZY, Chaeryeong is supporting Nayeon's solo debut.

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