Nayeon from TWICE Nayeon from TWICE

TWICE's Nayeon new look makes everyone fall in love with her

The member of TWICE Nayeon revealed herself in a blonde look. Fans all over the internet are getting crazy with her hairstyle.

TWICE members are really powerful women when we're talking about thei music impact. The group can conquered the charts with their hits or have a sold out concert tour. 

At the same time the girls can recieve another title: influencers. As soon as the members appered in public with a good outfit the internet will be trying to figure out where to get those clothes.

The fashion and styles of TWICE are so good that everyone can fall in love with them and their outfit. Recently Nayeon is making the whole social media crazy with a new hair style. We are telling you what happen.

Blonde Nayeon is making ONCE crazy 

On the official Instagram account of TWICE Nayeon shared her new look. The singer is stunnig in these pictures with a blonde hairstyle. She added a short message:

Spring is here

TWICE's Nayeon / Instagram @twicetagram

Almost inmmediatly the photos were all over the internet, her name, the hashtag #NAYEON_BLONDE and the pictures were on the global Twitter trends. 

Nayeon on Instagram / Instagram @twicetagram

Apparently the fanbase, ONCE, has been wating to see Nayeon with this hairstyle. Now they finally got it and they are celabrating.

TWICE's Nayeon / Instagram @twicetagram

"She is so pretty with blonde hair" "My dream to see blonde Nayeon comes true" "I was wating for this moment". ONCE opinion about her new look is obviously positive. No one can deny it, she looks gogeous!

Do you like blonde Nayeon? Everyone does!

Read the sweet words of Nayeon to describe TWICE.

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