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TWICE's Nayeon looks gorgeous in new teaser photos for her solo album 'Im Nayeon'

Nayeon is making ONCE crazy with the details for her album "Im Nayeon". The member of TWICE has drooped new teaser photos for her solo debut.

There is no doubt that TWICE is one of the most important girl groups of the moment. The K-Pop sensation can conquer all the markest. The singers of "The Feels" have shown their massive popularity in Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Whan these nine talented ladies work together no one can stop them. However, ONCE also wants to see more of the charisma of each member. All of them have their special strengths on stage. Finally, Nayeon will let us see her own music.

Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' / Twitter @JYPETWICE

The lead vocalist of the group will debut as a solo artist pretty soon. It seems like this project could be exploring a more mature side of the Idol but her distinctive cheerful style. The preview of the song sounds amazing. Do you want to see more about the concept?

Nayeon disclose more teaser photos for her solo debut with "Im Nayeon"

On June 9th (KST) JYP Entertainment dropped new teaser photos for the album "Im Nayeon". This is not a surprise: All her Nayeon's outfits in these pictures are on point. She is wearing a bandana of square patterns. This retro-style fits her perfectly!

'Im Nayeon' teaser photo / Twitter @JYPETWICE

On the other hand, the Idol also took the cowboy concept. She is wearing a giant adorable pink hat. Her hairstyle is braids and the cherry at the top is a diamond choker. She looks stunning wearing that cowboy purple outfit.

Nayeon from TWICE / Twitter @JYPETWICE

Previously, we saw the singer looking like a princess in the first concept photos set for this project. Nayeon was wearing some elegant pink pajamas and a tiara. Apparently, this album will be very colorful but there is a lot of purple on her outfits.

Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' / Twitter @JYPETWICE

ONCE has the best reaction to these pictures. Nayeon's beauty shines a lot in every single photo. At the same time, fans are thankful for the big effort of the Idol. It's obvious that she has prepared tons of surprises for her album.

Do you have a favorite photo?

Have you watched Nayeon's trailer for her solo debut? Here is everything you need to know about it.

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