Nayeon from TWICE Nayeon from TWICE

TWICE's Nayeon is breaking records with the unreleased album 'Im Nayeon'

Nayeon will be the first member of TWICE to make her solo debut. The album "Im Nayeon" is a whole succes in the pre-order period.

At the end of TWICE concerts with "WORLD TOUR III" in the United States, JYP Entertainment announced that Nayeon was getting ready to make her solo debut. The public is having high expectations for the music of the lead vocalist of the group.

The 26 year old singer will release his album "Im Nayeon" on June 24. At the moment we have not too much information about the style, genres or concepts the Idols will use in her music. As we can see in the first picture everything seems girly and bright just like Nayeon's voice.

'Im Nayeon' promotional / By @JYPETWICE

There will be 4 versions of this album and you can already pre-order your copy. It is already selling a lot in Korea and in America. These are some of its amazing marks.

TWICE's Nayeon is breaking records with her first solo album

On May 25 the pre-order for the first album of Nayeon "Im Nayeon" was opened. In just a few hours it sold more than TWICE latest album "Formula Of Love" on KTOWN4U with 24k copies. At the same time, Nayeon's solo is at the top of the best selling albums of the store Barnes & Noble.

Nayeon from TWICE / By @suho_jinyoung

Meanwhile, "Im Nayeon" got into the Pre-orders list of iTunes U.S. reaching No.23. She has become the 6th artist with the biggest number of pre-orders on this platform in the United States.

No matter if it is the physical or digital version, ONCE is already working hard for the debut of Nayeon. The fandom is pre-saving the album on Spotify as well.

Apparently, we'll listen to 7 new songs in this project. We can't wait to see what Nayeon has prepared. Are you excited for her solo debut?

While we are waiting for the release date, check here how Chaeyoung spent her free time in New York.

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