TWICE's Nayeon for 'POP!' TWICE's Nayeon for 'POP!'

TWICE's Nayeon is a superstar in the new teaser for her solo debut 'POP!'

TWICE's Nayeon is ready to rock the stage with the music video for "POP!". An exciting new teaser is here. She looks gorgeous!

Are you ready for Nayeon's solo debut? The oldest of TWICE started her journey in music when she was pretty young. Immediately, she conquered the Korean public thanks to her natural charisma and beautiful smile.

She has a lot of experience despite being just 26 years old. TWICE is the best-selling girl group of the moment, and the only female Korean act to hold a stadium concert in the United States. Nayeon is already a super start.

TWICE's Nayeon for 'POP!' / Twitter @it9WICE

Now, she is ready to show the world her own music. The Idol will be releasing her first solo album "Im Nayeon" pretty soon. We have listened to a fragment of her title single "POP!". It sounds awesome! A new teaser for the music video was revealed.

Nayeon drops a new teaser for the "POP!" music video

On June 22th TWICE's official YouTube channel revealed the second teaser for "POP!", the solo debut song of Nayeon. This time, the beautiful Idol is standing at the top of a wonderful scenario wearing a red outfit.

Just like the concept photos for her upcoming album "Im Nayeon", we can see her in various scenarios. including a colorful ice cream shop. Here, she is dancing to the rhythm of the catchy "Pop, pop pop".

Previously, the first teaser also showed Nayeon in unbelievable stages, such as a giant pool and a beautiful mansion. ONCE is shocked by the giant production. Awesome sets, tons of dancers, and eye-catching props, everything is on point.

We cannot leave without mentioning the stunning outfits. There are too many, and Nayeon looks amazing wearing all of them. One of the favorites of the fans is the Luis Vuitton one she wears while dancing a little bit of the choreography.

Which outfit do you like the most? Have you watched the sneak peek of the album? We have all the details for you.

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