TWICE's Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' TWICE's Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon'

TWICE's Nayeon is a gorgeous model in a sneak peek for her album 'Im Nayeon'

Are you ready to listen to Nayeon's first solo album? The member of TWICE has revealed a sneak peek for "Im Nayeon".

TWICE popularity is not a joke. The K-Pop sensation is the first girl group to hold a stadium concert in the United States. Their "WORLD TOUR III" was sold out in America, Japan and Korea. These beautiful ladies are unstoppable!

ONCE is really happy that JYP Entertainment is working in the new era of the group. Now we'll be enjoying the individual talents of the members. Nayeon is in charge to open a new period, she will be the first member to make her solo debut.

'Im Nayeon' concept photo / Twitter @JYPETWICE

Even before the release date, her upcoming album "Im Nayeon" has achieved amazing marks in the pre-sale period. Not just the fans, but the general public has high expectations for the project. What can we expect of her solo debut?

Nayeon drops a sneak peek for her first album "Im Nayeon"

On June 20th TWICE's official YouTube channel dropped a clip to give us a glimpse of Nayeon's solo album "Im Nayeon". The sneak peek starts with the title single "POP!" and the Idol opens a pair of blue curtains while wearing a wonderful Luis Vuitton outfit.

Since the album has the concept of being a magazine, we see Nayeon posing in different outfits. As usual, she looks gorgeous we all of them. She looks sexy and mature but youthful at the same time. The clip feels like a fashion show.

Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' / Twitter @talgidubu

Meanwhile, we can listen to a little bit of every song. Mostly, the album has cheerful songs such as "NO PROBLEM", which is a collab with STRAY KIDS' Felix, and "LOVE COUNTDOWN".

On the other hand, Nayeon will be showing a softer side with "ALL OR NOTHING" with "Only The Sunset Is Pretty". These tracks have insane beats, also, we cannot leave without talking about how good sounds her voice with these melodies.

"Im Nayeon" will be released on June 24th. Nayeon will be promoting the album in the show "The Manager". Read this article to know more about it.

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