Nayeon of TWICE Nayeon of TWICE

TWICE's Nayeon drops trailer for her solo album debut 'Im Nayeon'

Nayeon is the first member of TWICE that will make her solo debut. The trailer is letting us see what the Idol has prepared.

ONCE is waiting for more news about the comeback of TWICE. There is not too much information about it. But, at least, the fanatics can enjoy the solo debut of Nayeon. The Idol is ready to release her solo music for the first time.

Since the debut of the group, Nayeon caught the attention of the public because of her natural charisma. The lead vocalist of TWICE has a great stage presence that can conquer all the audiences.

TWICE's Nayeon for 'Im Nayeon' / Twitter @TWxSOUL

Her first album "Im Nayeon" will be released on June 24th. Even though is not available yet, it got amazing marks in the pre-sale period. Finally, the trailer for this anticipated project is here. Let's see what Nayeon has prepared!

The first trailer for Nayeon's solo debut album "Im Nayeon" is here

On June 6th, JYP Entertainment revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Nayeon album "Im Nayeon. The clip starts with a colorful vinyl CD to be played. Immediately we can see Nayeon standing on the stage by herself and ready to take the microphone.

As usual, the Idol looks stunning wearing various outfits in the video. All of them are pretty different from each other but Nayeon shows a sophisticated and youthful side at the same time. Is almost impossible to choose a favorite outfit for her.

While Nayeon is posing in multiple scenarios we can listen to a little bit of the beat of her title single "POP!". Apparently, this track fits perfectly the personality of the singers. It feels energetic and cheerful.

The fans are getting crazy, the member of TWICE look gorgeous. In addition, the short glimpse of the track sounds pretty good. Check here the full video.

Are you excited for Nayeon's solo debut? We are!

While we are waiting for the release date, read this article to know how ONCE celebrated the 10 anniversary of Chaeyoung with JYPE.

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