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TWICE's Nayeon discloses the tracklist for her solo album 'Im Nayeon'

Nayeon is the first member of TWICE to make her solo debut. The tracklist for the album "Im Nayeon" is finally here.

ONCE is really excited to see what Nayeon has prepared for her solo debut. The lead vocalist of TWICE will be making her debut as a solo singer on June 24. Her fisfirstt mini album "Im Nayeon" is already breaking records in the pre-order period.

A few days ago it was revealed that this album got into the iTunes at No.23 on the Pre-order album list. Meanwhile, the shop Ktown4U got more than 40k orders for the album.

Nayeon solo album / By @myloveistwice

Nayeon's popularity is not a joke! Despite not having too many details about her new music the world is already crazy about it. Finally, the tracklist is here, her album debut is bringing a lot of surprises.

The tracklist for the upcoming Nayeon album has been revealed

On May 31th (KST) JYP Entertainment dropped the tracklist for the solo album of Nayeon. "Im Nayeon" has 7 original songs and the title single is "POP!".

'Im Nayeon' tracklist / By @JYPETWICE

We can see two songs that are drawing the attention of the fandom. "No Problem" is a collaboration with STRAY KIDS' Felix, Idol who declared himself ONCE.

On the other hand Jade, member of the famous group Little Mix, is the composer of the song "Candyfloss". Also, we'll listen to "Love Coutdaown" feat Wonstein, "All or Nothing", "Happy Birthday To You" and "Only The Sunset Is Pretty".

At the same time on TikTok was revealed a short fragment of the single POP!. Apparently, it will be a super catchy song. It will be full of the cheerful energy of Nayeon. Are you excited about it?

Read here more about the amazing sale marks the Nayeon is achieving with "Im Nayeon".

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