TWICE's Nayeon for 'The manger' TWICE's Nayeon for 'The manger'

TWICE's Nayeon and Momo will be showing their daily life in 'The Manager'

TWICE's Nayeon is ready to promote her album "Im Nayeon". Her teammate Momo will be joining her on the show "The Manager".

Nayeon will be the first member of TWICE to debut as a solo singer. Even though, that she is getting all the spotlight with her upcoming album "Im Nayeon", the oldest of the group is not forgetting to include her sister in her plans.

A few days ago, was revealed that the members wrote special messages for Nayeon. We'll read those words on the physical album that will be available on June 24. They also will be promoting with her.

Nayeon's solo album 'Im Nayeon' / Twitter @JYPETWICE

Momo and Chaeyoung will be attending the popular Korean show "Amazing Saturday" to support Nayeon's promotions. That's not all, Nayeon and Momo already record an episode for "The Manager". When will be the premiere?

TWICE's Nayeon and Momo show their amazing chemistry in a teaser for their episode in "The Manager"

On June 19th JTBC dropped a teaser for the upcoming The Manager episode starring Nayeon of TWICE. In the clip, we can watch the Idol enjoying her time at home after a busy schedule getting ready for her promotions.

Momo appears at the apartment as well. The beautiful singers are playing and screaming around. Then, their manager clarifies that despite being the oldest, Nayeon acts like the youngest. That's why she got the title "Madnae".

While the Idols went on a walk with Momo's dogs, Nayeon runs away after seeing a bug. She screamed "There's a bug! "There is a bug!", and scaped with one of the cute dogs.

The video finish by showing us how Nayeon gets fun singing with her manager at the karaoke. We can't wait to watch this hilarious episode. We'll see Nayeon in The Manager on June 25, just one day before her album release date.

Here are some other promotions that Nayeonn will be attending in the company of TWICE members.

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