TWICE Nayeon and Jihyo TWICE Nayeon and Jihyo

TWICE's Nayeon and Jihyo show their realistic sisterhood with hilarious joke

The members of TWICE have a strong relationship with each other. Nayeon's joke to Jihyo shows that these Idols are like true sisters

Behind the massive success of TWICE, there is a strong relationship among the members. All of them have revealed how important is their friendship. All of them are always showing their mutual affection and gratitude.

These talented ladies have been working together since they were really young. Nowadays, it seems like they know everything about every single member.

TWICE members / Twitter @momonubecita

Also, they enjoy their time together. In the middle of their busy schedule, the perfect way to stay in a good mood is to play around. Even their jokes are revealing how realistic their friendship is. Don't you believe us? Just check Nayeon's joke about Jihyo.

Nayeon jokes with Jihyo like a real sister

Last month TWICE members recreated a photo of themselves taken when they were children. During its show "TIME TO TWICE" the Idols shared the stories behind those pictures. The comments about Jihyo's photo are making ONCE laugh a lot.

Jihyo said that she was traveling with her family when that photo was taken. She remembers being on a bridge. Nayeon's immediately added a comment that revealed she is a like real sister.

OMG, maybe you were that child under the bridge.

Since Tzuyu was confused, the members explained the joke to her. It is pretty common to joke between siblings that one of them is not a real son/daughter of their parents. It is the typical joke about being adopted after being found under a bridge.

Jihyo confessed that the picture is the favorite of her mom. Anyways, the fans think the hilarious comment shows how realistic their sisterhood is. For sure, it is!

TWICE could be doing a comeback pretty soon. We have all the information for you.

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