TWICE's Nayeon and Momo TWICE's Nayeon and Momo

TWICE's Momo and Nayeon share lovely photos of the Norwich Terriers gathering

TWICE's Nayeon and Momo attend the Norwich Terries gathering in Korea. The Idols have shared adorable photos of the event.

TWICE is on a short hiatus, the members have revealed that they ate working on something new. However, there is no more information about a comeback. ONCE is waiting patiently while enjoying Nayeon's era for her upcoming solo debut with "Im Nayeon".

On the other hand, the group is not far away from the fans. These beautiful ladies are constantly sharing new pictures and videos on social media. We are pretty sure that the fandom is happy to see the singers having a good time on their free days.

TWICE members / Twitter @JYPETWICE

The singers of "Dance The Night Away" are well known for being animal lovers. They always are sharing their love for their pets. What could be more fun than playing with puppies all day long? This is how Momo and Nayeon spent their day.

TWICE's Momo and Nayeon shared their experience at the Norwich Terriers gathering

On June 18th TWICE's Momo posted on her Instagram account various stories. The Idol was at the Norwich Terriers gathering in Korea with her teammate Nayeon. In the picture, we can see tons of cute dogs of the same breed.

Momo's Instagram story / Twitter @TWICExONCES

Momo's dogs Boo and Dobby are Norwich Terriers. It seems like the Idol was really happy that his pets can meet new friends that are just like they. Momo added a playful comment:

Dobby is in between Norwich Terriers

Momo's Instagram story / Twitter @twice_trans

Since it could be a little bit confusing, the owners tied a balloon with the dog's name written on it to the dog collar. Boo looks adorable and very happy at the gathering!

Momo's post / Twitter @twice_trans

As you may know, Nayeon also loves deeply Boo and Dobby. It is not a great moment for the dogs but for the Idols who were having a lot of fun playing with the adorable furry friends. Such a great way to spend a day!

Their friendship is lovely, A few days ago Jihyo and Momo shared their honest feeling about TWICE sisterhood. This is what they said. 

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