TWICE Jihyo and 'Thor Love And Thunder' ´poster TWICE Jihyo and 'Thor Love And Thunder' ´poster

TWICE's Jihyo's stunning photo is used by Marvel to promote 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

TWICE's Jihyo was a sci-fi heroine for the 1st Look Magazine. One of her pictures became a meme and Marvel took the opportunity to promote the upcoming Thor movie.

TWICE is well known for the awesome beauty of the members. The nine Idol are super gorgeous. In just one group we can find some of the most famous visuals in the K-Pop industry. is impossible to say who is the prettiest member.

These talented superstars are constantly on the cover of the most prestigious magazines. ONCE love to see the girls in this kind of project. They never fail, their photoshoots always give us wonderful pictures.

Jihyo for 1st Look Korea / Twitter @Jiang0607u

Right now Jihyo is the protagonist for the upcoming edition of 1st Look Magazine. The concept of these pictures is pretty interesting. She looks like a fashionable superheroine. Marvel used one of her photos for the promotion of "Thor: Love and Thunder".

Jihyo creates unleashes euphoria on social media with her 'Thor' picture

On June 21st 1st Look Korea dropped the first photo of Jihyo to promote the new edition of the magazine. Here we can see the leader of TWICE wearing an awesome mini dress while posing with a hammer.

1st Look Magazine's cover / Twitter @theseoulstory

Immediately, ONCE fell in love with the futuristic photoshoot. On the other hand, the fans posted tons of memes comparing the Idol with Thor. On July 3rd Marvel Korea's official Instagram account posted the famous photo

Marvel Korea's post / Instagram @marvelkorea

Marvel dropped an edit of the actress Natalie Portman while proudly holding the magazine. At the end of the day, both celebrities are superheroines. The fanatics are celebrating the hilarious interaction between TWICE and the film industry.

Jihyo of TWICE / Twitter @theseoulstory

Jihyo is on the cover of 1st Look Magazine Vol.241. ONCE is loving the previews, she looks like the protagonist of a sci-fi movie. Let us know, what is your favorite outfit?

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