Jihyo from TWICE Jihyo from TWICE

TWICE's Jihyo's beauty steals the spotlight at the Bottega Veneta store opening

Jihyo attended the opening of the Bottega Veneta pop-up store in Seul. The leader of TWICE got the spotlight during the event due to her awesome look.

Do you know what is the meaning of TWICE? The K-Pop sensation got this name to honor its talents. You could be engaged with its music mostly because of two reasons: for their catchy songs or after seeing the beauty of the members.

All these ladies are professional performers that always look stunning. During their debut days, they caught the attention of the Korean public thanks to their unbelievable natural beauty. Is impossible to say who is most beautiful.

TWICE for celebrate / Twitter @CJ_MEph

Not just ONCE appreciate the visual of the group but the general public. The leader of the group, Jihyo, recently made the Internet crazy with her pictures at the Bottega Veneta opening store. We are telling you everything.

TWICE's Jihyo looked stunning at the Bottega Veneta opening pop-up store

On June 23 (KST) the fashion brand Bottega Veneta made a big event due to the opening of a new pop-up store in Seoul. TWICE's Jihyo was a special guest, the Idol was promoting the brand.

TWICE's Jihyo at the  Bottega Veneta opening store / Twitter @txtbyurstruly

She wore a mini white dress with green earrings and nails that matched the color of the brand. The singer looked gorgeous, her elegance is not a joke. Immediately, ONCE went crazy with her wonderful photos.

These pictures are all over the Internet right now. The fans are using the hashtags #JIHYOatBVPopUpStore, her name, and more. She is on the Twitter trends, it makes sense Jihyo is a visual dream.

Jihyo promoting Bottega Veneta / Twitter @hyoshim0201

She also dropped a video to promote the store. The Idol had a good time visiting the store. The fans are asking the bran to give her the global ambassador title. She is truly spreading all over the world the name of the brand.

Did you like her outfit? She looks awesome!

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