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TWICE's Jihyo singing skills receive praises from her vocal coach

The leader of TWICE has proven how talented she is to sing and dance at the same time. She is a passionate artist. This is what her vocal trainer has to say about it.

Among TWICE members Jihyo stands out because of her vocal strength. The group has been increasing the difficulty of its performances. However, it is a piece of cake for the leader to sing flawlessly.

Since we are talking about the main vocalist, it is obvious that this talented Idol is well known for her amazing stamina on stage. Nevertheless, he ability is very good thanks to years of constant practice.

Jihyo from TWICE / Instagram @/_zyozyo

ONCE met Jihyo skills back in 2015 in the Tv show "SIXTEEN". Here we saw various JYP Entertainment trainees giving their best to win the opportunity to debut in TWICE. In the first episode the young leader caught the attention with her charisma and stable voice.

Nowadays she has  improved a lot. The vocal trainer that used to help her has revealed  how the Idol became a great singer.

The vocal coach Kim Sung Eun praise Jihyo's pasión

On May 21 was revealed an interview with the Idol producer Kim Sung Eun. Before her actual job, she used to be the vocal trainer of TWICE, BTS and  other K-Pop groups. She shared the story behind A Late Night of 1994's cover by Jihyo.

Vocal trainer Kim Sung Eun / By @ChouTzuyuPrint

According to the vocal coach Jihyo came to her saying that she was ready to record this song. The Idol was really confident about it. Kim Sung Eun explained the record process.

Singers often record partially but we recorded from start to finish.

The coach added that the best part of her work is seeing the process of the artist. She was really happy to see how Jihyo's confidence turned her into a relaxed singer.

For sure Jihyo can  sing perfectly whatever song she wants to. What cover would you like to hear in Jihyo's voice? Here's "A Late Night of 1994" cover by Jihyo.

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