Jihyo and Sejeong's date Jihyo and Sejeong's date

TWICE's Jihyo and Sejeong went on a date that proves their true friendship

Actress Kim Sejeong has a beautiful friendship with TWICE's Jihyo and their sweet date on Jeju Island proves it

Did you know that the leader of TWICE has a great friendship with actress Kim Sejeong from 'A Business Proposal'? Both of them had a great date in Jeju which lets us see more of their friendship.

There are a lot of things that we can admire about the members of TWICE, their charisma, skills, talents, stories and others that show the most beautiful of themselves at all times. They have great personalities with which they have enchanted all their fans and ONCE does not stop showing their love and support for the idols.

The leader of TWICE is Jihyo, who was extremely dedicated to preparing herself as a JYP Entertainment trainee to finally debut with this girl group and lead it in the best way she has since 2015. This artist is not only extremely talented, she also has a great heart.

This is why Park Jihyo has made a lot of friends in the South Korean entertainment world. Some of Jihyo's friendships that we can highlight are Sunmi, Miss A's Suzy, Wonder Girls' Hyelim, EXID's Junghwa and even 2PM's Taecyeon has been seen as close to this TWICE idol.

But Jihyo is also friends with Kim Sejeong, a drama actress who showed how much she loves the idol by showing off her cute date on Jeju Island, how did these girls share time?

TWICE's Jihyo and actress Kim Sejeong have a beautiful friendship that they showed off with their trip to Jeju Island

Through her official Instagram account, actress Sejeong shared some photos of her date with TWICE's Jihyo on Jeju Island. It was obvious that the two of them were having a great time together and that the two Korean stars enjoy their beautiful friendship at all times. Fans love the friendship between the actress and the idol.

Jihyo and Sejeong's date in Jeju | Instagram: @clean_0828

Sejeong used to be part of the girl group Gugudan and Jihyo supported her in her most difficult moments. She Sejeong later launched her solo career and is finally turning to acting.

Jihyo and Sejeong have shared many more moments together

We have many more moments of Jihyo and Sejeong together, they have an incredible friendship and they once shared time at Disneyland, they looked super cute with their hats.

Jihyo and Sejeong in Disneyland | Twitter: @twixitzy

Sejeong is also friends with more TWICE idols, as once Mina, Jihyo and the actress went surfing together.

Jihyo, Mina and Sejeong | Twitter: @mihyoloops

Sejeong includes Jihyo in her plans as well.

I want to go camping next time with Jihyo, I want to introduce Inah to Jihyo too, I want all of us three to get along well

Sejeong and Jihyo | Twitter: @SJHSOURCE

 Both Korean celebrities have an amazing friendship that everyone wishes they had, aren't they lovely?

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