TWICE's Momo and Jihyo TWICE's Momo and Jihyo

TWICE's Jihyo and Momo confess their secret to keep the group together

TWICE, the K-Pop sensation is conquering the world. The strong friendship among the members is a big factor in their success.

Surviving in the K-Pop industry is not an easy thing to do. The entertainment world is very competitive and just a few groups can get enough popularity to build a steady career. Most of them quit the difficult profession.

Seeing that, we are wondering, what makes a group successful? Well, we can talk about it for hours because there are too many reasons. Of course, a big label will be quite helpful, also talented Idols, good management, and great relationship among the members.

TWICE members / Twitter @TWICExONCES

One of the biggest groups of the moment is TWICE. The singers of "The Feels" have conquered all the markest in the world. According to the members their sisterhood is the key of their massive popularity. This is what Momo and Jihyo have to say about it.

Jihyo and Momo talk about the importance of TWICE friendship

On June 15th TWICE YouTube channel dropped a new episode of "2WICE", a show where two of the members go on a date together. In the video, we can watch Jihyo and Momo went to the countryside to have a good time.

Jihyo and Momo / Instagram @twicetagram

The Idols were enjoying the fresh air and then they start a deep conversation. Momo confessed how much she admire Jihyo's beauty. The leader said that they are really used to being together so they can barely recall the past version of themselves and explain their current relationship.

Maybe I didn't catch it, but I feel like the members are pretty happy.

We are so close together now more than ever before.

Momo added that the groups had no conflicts but nowadays they're way closer. The dancer also revealed that she is not close to anyone else but the members. The group is like a family for all of them. Jihyo knows how special their sisterhood is:

Isn't amazing? It's amazing that all 9 of us are so close. We don't have any members that are not easy around each other.

They are really happy seeing that despite being a big group with Idols from different nationalities they feel very comfortable with each other. Both members expressed their gratitude for being together. There are so sweet!

They are truly like a family. Check here how the members are supporting Nayeon's solo debut.

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