TWICE's Jihyo and Jeongyeon TWICE's Jihyo and Jeongyeon

TWICE's Jihyo and Jeongyeon did a unexpected cameo in a YouTube show

Last month Jihyo and Jeongyeon went to the Lotte World Adventure in Busan. The members of TWICE appeared on a YouTube show by coincidence.

The super famous girl group TWICE is always busy. Right now the members are in Japan to promote their new mini-album "Celebrate". A few weeks ago, Nayeon made her solo debut with the title single "POP!" and it was a whole success.

That's not all, in August the K-Pop sensation will be doing a Korean comeback. We all are waiting to have more news about its 11th album "BETWEEN 1&2". For sure, the TWICE schedule is pretty hectic.


Anyways, these beautiful ladies know how to balance work and fun. During their free time, they spend time traveling or just having a delicious dinner. By coincidence, Jihyo and Jeongyeon appeared on a show while they were on their day off.

TWICE members appear on a YouTube Show

On June 30th Jihyo and Jeongyeon were spotted at the Lotte World Adventure in Busan, Korea. According to some fans that were present at the amusement park, the member of TWICE had a great time riding many games.

Recently, the YouTube channel 라인업 LineUp dropped a vlog about the amusement park. The host was around the park doing some interviews with the employees and visitors. Suddenly, Jihyo and Jeongyeon appeared walking behind the host.

The video was recorded on the same day the Idol attended the amusement park. She was so lucky! The same day, the singers of "Dance The Night Away" took some photos with fans that noticed them.

Jeongyeon and Jihyo with fans / Twitter @TWICE_Indonesia

Even though the girls weren't close to the host, they realized they were famous. ONCE thinks is pretty funny that these beautiful ladies cannot be in a public place without someone noticing TWICE members.

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