What does friendship means for TWICE's Jeongyeon? What does friendship means for TWICE's Jeongyeon?

TWICE's Jeongyeon explains the meaning of friendship, what is it like for her?

Within TWICE the best friendships have been formed, what does it mean for Jeongyeon to have people like this in her life?

As in any K-Pop group, the fact of spending so much time together has made TWICE form a great friendship and this is the meaning of it for Jeongyeon.

TWICE is a K-Pop group with extremely talented, charismatic, and fun members. All of them have spent a lot of time together even before debuting and some of them even before 'SIXTEEN', the reality show in which this girl group was created.

So it is evident that the union of TWICE is very strong and that many of the girls who are part of this group have formed great friendships. Perhaps even they consider themselves a big family after all the time and experiences shared since before taking the stage as a group.

One of the members of TWICE is Jeongyeon, who has had to leave the group on some occasions due to her mental health. But this does not mean that ONCE and her groupmates have taken away her support, on the contrary, she knows that everyone is always there when she needs them.

This is why for Jeongyeon friendship is something very important and she herself defined this concept, what is the most important thing about friends for the TWICE idol?

This is the meaning of friendship for TWICE's Jeongyeon

For TWICE's Yoo Jeongyeon, it doesn't really matter how many friends you have, the important thing is that they show you their love and support in everything you do. For her that is what really matters and she is right, well... Sometimes having thousands of friends does not mean that they will all be there for you when you really need them.

As long as you have friends, the number of friends doesn’t matter at all. Your life will feel complete with friends who truly believe in you, trust you and support you in whatever you do

Jeongyeon's meaning of friendship | Twitter: @cakejeong

 What do you think about Jeongyeon's concept and friendship? We believe that it is true, that even if you only have one faithful friend who supports you, you can be happy. You don't need so many people in your life who are only there in the good times and abandon you in the bad.

Who are Jeongyeon's closest friends in TWICE?

Jihyo and Nayeon are Jeongyeon's closest friends in TWICE. They even formed the group '3Mix'. The 3 idols have known each other since they were JYP trainees and would debut with the group '6Mix', but that project was cancelled. They continued to work together to debut and since then their friendship has grown bigger and closer.

3Mix is a great group of friends | Twitter: @inyfeeds

So the experiences that these 3 members of TWICE have gone through are what made them bond a lot and become great friends, isn't that great?

Keep reading more about TWICE and its members, here we have a great dance cover from the girl group, they performed 'Bloodline' by Ariana Grande. 

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