DAhyun of TWICE DAhyun of TWICE

TWICE's Dahyun prepared gifts for ONCE who attended the Idol Star Athletics Championships

Dahyun is the MC of the new edition of "Idol Star Athletics Championships". The member of TWICE prepared tons of presents for the fans who attend the event

The members of TWICE are super talented ladies. Of course, we all know that they are wonderful performers. This successful girl group is well known for its flawless shows. Their choreographies are very energetic.

At the same time, these beautiful Idols have another talent that ONCE really loves: their abilities for variety shows. Since their rookies days, they attended the most popular Korean TV shows. The public fell in love immediately with the members.

Dahyun of TWICE as MC / Twitter @Gersaki01

Nowadays, Dahyun is a skillful host. That's why she has been working as MC in the iconic show "Idol Star Athletics Championships". The upcoming edition was already recorded and many fans were there to support her. This is what she did to pay back their love.

Dahyun of TWICE melts the fans with tons of presents

On August 1st (KST) the show "Idol Star Athletics Championships" gathered the hottest K-Pop artists of the moment. They were recording the upcoming Chuseok edition. Again, Dahyun was the MC of the beloved show.

The rest of TWICE didn't attend the event. However, many fans were there to support the gorgeous Idol. Dahyun said that she was concerned about ONCE since early in the morning it was raining.

Dahyun giving presents to ONCE / Twitter @twicethedubu

When she got a break, Dahyun came closer to the members. She and her staff were carrying some blue bags. She gave the fans a box of skin care products. The singer of "The Feels" also included a hand-written note for every fan.

Note written by Dahyun / Twitter @TWICE_Indonesia

The lucky fanatics are posting photos of their presents on social media. The rest of the fandom is falling in love with the Idol again. Her sweet action shows how much she cares about the fans. She is awesome!

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