Dahyun at the ISAC 2020 Dahyun at the ISAC 2020

TWICE's Dahyun is coming back as MC of 'Idol Star Championship', when will it be released?

The beloved show "Idol Star Championship" is finally coming back. TWICE's Dahyun will be hosting the anticipated event!

As you may know, the popular show "Idol Star Championship" was on hiatus for the last years because of the pandemic. It is one of the most famous shows in the K-Pop world. It's the perfect event to see our favorite groups interacting.

The point is pretty simple, the hottest Idols of the moment attend to compete in different sports games. We also have to mention that these artists are really athletic. They can basically do everything.

Dahyun of TWICE / Twitter @TWICExONCES

Millions of fanatics are celebrating that the show is finally coming back. The names of the hosts are finally revealed. Dahyun of TWICE will be the MC of the event. We are telling you everything about it.

Dahyun will be the MC of the Idol Star Championship 2022

On July 18th MBC dropped the names for the host line of the upcoming Idol Star Championship edition. ONCE is celebrating that Dahyun will be back as MC of the anticipated show. She is joining forces with Jeon Hyun Moo and Lee Hongki.

Dahyun as ISAC MC / Twitter @twiceuland

It's not the first time we see the member of TWICE hosting the event. As you may know, she is famous for her playful personality. The public love her MC style, she has the best cheerful energy that encourages the Idols.

This show will be recorded at the end of July. MBC has plans to release it on Chuseok, the Korean festival also known as 'Korean thanksgiving'. It might premiere on September 9 or 10th.

Are you excited about it? Dahyun is super talented to host, We can't wait to see her again in the beloved show. Also, ONCE loves to see the beautiful Idol wearing a suit. Stay tuned for more details about it.

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