Dahyun from TWICE Dahyun from TWICE

TWICE's Dahyun has an unique and uncommon ability among musicians

Dahyun is well known for her role as a rapper in TWICE. However, the Idols have an extraordinary ability for music. This is her hidden talent.

Everyone knows  the members of TWICE are really talented. Their performances prove that the girls are professional dancers.

At the same time the members have worked in the production for some of the tracks of the group. For example, just look at the copyrighted songs under the name of Jihyo.

There's no doubt that Korean Idols are rounded artists. The rapper of TWICE will surprise you with her unique ability: pitch perfect. We are telling you all the details.

Dahyun from TWICE / By @2twiceot9

Dahyun from TWICE has the uncommon absolute pitch ability.

In 2019 TWICE was live broadcasting via Vlive. We saw the group playing with a piano during their rest time. Then Dahyun revealed that she possesses the rare ability to identify and recreate a musical note without the need to hear a previous reference.

While Jeongyeon was playing some notes on the piano Dahyun with close eyes was guessing perfectly all the notes. Just a few people in the world can do it. Around 1 in 50 000 people have the ability called absolute pitch or perfect pitch.

She is the only member of the group that can do this. Jeongyeon is wondering why Dahyun is a rapper. ONCE already knows that the Idol has tons of talents as a musician, she also can play various instruments.

Did you know about Dahyun's hidden talent? 

Recently she participated in the creation of her photobook "Yes I Am Dahyun". She revealed her motivations for the project, check  this article to know what she said.

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