Chaeyoung from TWICE Chaeyoung from TWICE

TWICE's Chaeyoung turns 10 years with JYP Entertainment, ONCE is celebrating

TWICE's Chaeyoung has achieved her 10th anniversary working in JYP entertainment. ONCE is taking social media to celebrate it.  

As you may know, all the members of TWICE spend many years working in order to achieve their dream of becoming singers. They were pretty young when all of them joined the label JYP Entertainment as trainees.

Eventually, they participated in the survival Tv show SIXTEEN. These beautiful ladies face various challenges to gain a place in the group of the winners.

TWICE's debut / Twitter @TWICE_GLOBAL

Finally,  TWICE debuted with 9 members in 2015. The journey started with "Like OOH AHH" and since then the K-Pop sensation cannot stoping to break new records. Right now ONCE is celebrating Chaeyoung's 10th anniversary in the agency. We're telling you everything.

ONCE is celebrating 10 years of Chaeyoung in JYP Entertainment

TWICE's Chaeyoung joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee on June 6th, 2012. Now, the talented singer is celebrating her 10 anniversary working with this label. 

Chaeyoung as trainee / Twitter @SubjectKpop

ONCE didn't forget this important date, it is the beginning of her career and the fans are really happy about the occasion. Fans from all over the world are showing their gratitude to the artist for giving them too much joy with her work.

Fans are recalling the best moments of the career of the 23-year-old singer. Her hard work has given too many special songs and memories to the public. Those who receive Chaeyoung's love are also sending back to her:

Son Chaeyoung thank you for expressing yourself the way you are. always remember, ONCE appreciate you more than ever. We love you,

The sweet words of the fans on Twitter are all over this platform. The name of the singer and the hashtag #10YearsWithChaeyoung are trending on Twitter. Congratulations to Chaeyoing!

TWICE members are like real sisters. Check here Nayeon's joke to Jihyo that proves it.

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