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TWICE surprise with flawless video dancing to Ariana Grande's 'bloodline'

 TWICE members reveal an awesome video with perfect choreography for Ariana Grande’s song "bloodline". You will be shocked watching their dancing skills.

The K-Pop sensation TWICE has been in the industry for almost seven years. Gradually the choreographies of the group have been getting more difficult and intense.

JYP Entertainment is a label that demands to their artist a high level of precision to dance. If you don't know how synchronization TWICE members are on stage just check their performance for "Fancy You" or "I Can't Stop Me". 

Despite their busy schedule the group looked for the time to practice a short but impressive dance for the fance. TWICE members don't need to prove that they are professional dancers but they are still trying to surprise the fanbase. ONCE is so lucky!

TWICE and Kiel Tutin / Instagram @twicetagram

Momo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are dancing to Ariana Grande's music

On May 10th the official TWICE Youtube channel dropped two new videos of some special performances. We can see Momo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu with the dancer Kiel Tutin at the practice room.

For the first video they are performing a flawless choreography for Ariana Grande's original song "bloodline". The synchronization between the girls and the dancer is pretty good. TWICE has gained a new member.

Kiel Tutin is a famous choreographer who has been involved in various projects with K-Pop artists. Previously he has  worked with BLACKPINK and of course TWICE as well. His reunion with the singers of "The Feels" was the perfect opportunity to dance those choreographies of the group made by him.

In addition they showed a medley with some of the most famous songs of TWICE. We  can see the main dance moves of "Fancy You", "More & More", "Cry For Me" and "Feel Special". Again we have to say, ,the coordination of this dance group is not a joke!

Which performance do you like the most? The charismatic dance for "bloodline" or the TWICE's classics medley?

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