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TWICE surprise ONCE with some recreated child pictures

Do you want to know how TWICE members used to look during their childhood? The girls themselves are revealing they haven't changed that much.

In Korea May 4th is dedicated to celebrate the children. Too many Idols take this day as the perfect opportunity to share their baby photos. Obviously it is a day that the fanatics all over the world love because we are able to see cute pictures of our favorites.

As usual, TWICE members looked for an original way to spend this celebrating with the fans. The girl group is characterized for the playful and cheerful energy of the girls. They decide to send a lovely gift to ONCE.

The K-Pop sensation is giving us a visual example to explain that inside of our adult bodies a sweet child is living in our souls. Let's see how TWICE celebrate Children's day.

TWICE members recreate child pictures of themselves

On May 4th the official Instagram account of TWICE revealed some pictures of the members. ONCE is malting with the cute present of the girls. All of them decided to take photos imitating a photo of themselves taken when they were kids.

They put a lot of effort recreating the scenarios and even every single detail of the outfits. The photoshoot is called "BABY TWICE 2022 Ver".

Apparently Jihyo has had a beautiful smile since she was a baby.

Jihyo baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

Nayeon was born to be a professional model.

Nayeon baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

There is no doubt, Jeongyeon's color is yellow.

Jeongyeon's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

Momo has been working to be a fashion icon since she was a child. Such a good taste!

Momo's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

Who can be more adorable than Sana? Just Sana herself.

Sana's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

Just Mina can wear that outfit at any age. Lovely!

Mina's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

We wonder: What is more beautiful? Dahyun or those yellow flowers?

Dahyun's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

OMG! Is Chayeoung a vampire? Why is she not getting old?

Chaeyoung's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

The gorgeous Tzuyu looks awesome in pink!

Tzuyu's baby photo / Instagram @twicetagram

What is your favorite picture? All of them look adorable!

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