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TWICE members send lovely messages to support Nayeon's solo debut

Nayeon will debut as a solo singer pretty soon. How are reacting the TWICE members to her solo album?

We all already know that TWICE is an unstoppable force that can dominate all the global markets. If you check its discography you'll find that they have nothing but hits. Is impossible not to dance and have a good time with the music of this group.

Behind the massive success of the K-Pop sensation is the strong friendship among the members. Previously, these Idols have explained that they get energy during busy days thanks to the love and support of the rest of the members.

TWICE members / Twitter @Catheri40357096

Nayeon will be the first member to make her solo debut. This big project will allow us to enjoy more of her charisma with the album "Im Nayeon". The release date is almost here and the members are next to Nayeon to encourage her.

Nayeon receives TWICE support for her album debut "Im Nayeon"

On June 9th JYP Entertainment dropped new concept photos for Nayeon's album debut "Im Nayeon". In this picture, the Idol looks gorgeous as usual. This time we can see a lot of baby blue and yellow. She is so beautiful!

'Im Nayeon' concept photo / Twitter @JYPETWICE

At the same time, was revealed the preview for the physical album. There will be four versions, photo cards, and more. Immediately, ONCE's attention was on the interview poster to be included in the project.

'Im Nayeon's preview / Twitter @scyfacha

No one can escape from the eagle view of the fans. The fandom noticed that the back of Nayeon's poster has the words of TWICE members to support the Idol. Despite she is having all the spotlight, she cannot work without the love of the girls.

Nayeon's concept photo / Twitter @JYPETWICE

At the moment we can't see all the messages, but ONCE is already moved by the sweet action. "Im Nayeon" will be released on June 24. Don't worry, we'll tell you all the details about their words for Nayeon. We can't wait to listen to this awesome album!

Meanwhile, check all the previous Nayeon's concept photos here. You'll fall for her.

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