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TWICE members confessed how important Lady Gaga is for their music

The members of TWICE have revealed how much they love Lady Gaga on various occasions. This is what the girls said.

Sometimes it's difficult to imagine that our favorite artist also has a favorite celebrity.  ONCE, do you know who is the role model of TWICE? Yes, exactly! It's Lady Gaga.

We already know the girls are big fans of the Mother Monster because they talked about it. If you didn't know how important Lady Gaga is for TWICE, we have a compilation of some of the moments where the group expressed their love and admiration for the singer of "Rain On Me".

TWICE performing / By @SaiDa_Loml

TWICE cover of Lady Gaga song "Born This Way"

In 2019 for the TWICE world tour the members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Mina and Chaeyoung presented a special performance with "Born This Way".

For an interview Nayeon was asked what was her favorite moment during their tour in the United States. Her response in not a surprise:

The most memorable one was "Born This Way". Lady Gaga is one of our favorite artists and I remember the ONCE in America had the best reaction.

Not just American ONCEs loved the performance, everyone did!

Chaeyoung is the biggest Lady Gaga fan among TWICE members

In October 2021 TWICE was in an interview for Vanity Fair Youtube channel. Chayeon was asked who is the artist with the biggest artistic influence in her. She said it is Lady Gaga.

The Idol shared on social media when she got the Lady Gaga album "Love for Sale". She was so proud. ONCE thinks Chaeyeon fangirling for Lady Gaga is super sweet.

Chaeyoung with her "Love For Sale" copie / By @staymonster

She is not the only one in TWICE who is a Little Monster, Tzuyu once said she would like to see Lady Gaga in the popular show The Masked Singer. Apparently all the members are fans. 

What do you think about it? Are you also a Little Monster and Once at the same time?

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