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TWICE members agree to be the soulmate of a lucky ONCE

The members of TWICE just began the promotion for their upcoming Japanese album "Celebrate". ONCE is having a heart attack because of the flirty interactions with the girls during a fan meeting.

Just a few weeks ago TWICE was breaking records with their three night concerts at the Tokyo Dome. The K-Pop group has a giant impact in that country. The girls are getting ready to release a new Japanese album on July 27.

In order to promote "Celebrate" it was held a fan meeting via video call with the fans. No one is surprised to see how sweet and warm the members are to talk with ONCE. However, there are a few moments that stand out. You will envy these fans for their interactions with TWICE.

TWICE at fanmeeting 'TWICE4' / By @JYPETWICE_JAPAN

TWICE is reunited again for the fanmeeting "TWICE4"

On May 7th (KST) the members of TWICE offered a video call fan meeting called "TWICE4". During these events some lucky fans have the opportunity to talk with the girl group.  On the same day a Twitter user posted her experience at the fanmeeting.

The fan asked the same question to various members. The question was "Can you be my Seulmate?" Mina replied "Yeah, Sure" and she offered her hand immediately. Jihyo's answer was short but lovely, with a flirty smile she said "Okay". The fan is really happy to announce that Dahyun accepts as well and she is inviting everyone to their wedding.

Jihyo at 'TWICE4' / By @KelvinH37708262

On the other hand Sana didn't say a word, she just assented with the head while doing some aegyo for the fan and sending a flying kiss. After listening to the question, Nayeon was surprised but eventually she accepted as well.

Sana on video call / By

Chaeyoung didn't doubt not even a second with her affirmative response. Just Tzuyu and Jeongyeon didn't say yes, maybe because they couldn't hear the question or because they were giglen and the time was short.

Chaeyoung at fan meeting / @jacky8209022323

The reactions of the girls show how different they are and, at the same time, we can see how flirty they could be when they are with ONCE. Even if they are tired due to their busy schedules, they try their best to make the fans happy.

What question would you ask the members? Would you propose to TWICE as well?

For the Child day celebration TWICE dropped some pictures of theselves taken when they were babies. Check out those photos here.

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