TWICE brights with this record in the US TWICE brights with this record in the US

TWICE made history in the US with this record of its last concert in Atlanta

TWICE had a successful tour in the United States, but its Atlanta show especially stood out for this reason

TWICE resumed in-person concerts and the idols visited the United States to perform for ONCE again, this is how this girl group represents K-Pop in the international music industry with an amazing record in Atlanta.

TWICE is a K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2015, since then the 9 idols that are part of this group have proven to have everything it takes to shine in the studio and on stage. The best thing is that throughout its history, this band has been able to visit many countries.

ONCE is the great fandom of TWICE that never fails to show all its support, admiration and love for the group, it spreads all over the world and in many places we can find the fans of this girl group. This is why for their most recent tour, TWICE decided to leave South Korea.

TWICE arrived in the United States and the fans of this country were able to spend time with their favorite idols, bring them gifts and even more importantly, see them once again on stage with a spectacular show. Since before the tour happened, it was known that it would be a success as the tickets sold out quickly and TWICE announced new dates for their fans.

Today we know that TWICE not only delighted ONCE from the US, but also made history with their concert in Atlanta, what was so special about this date? This is how the girl group represents K-Pop.

TWICE represents K-Pop internationally with this record of their last concert in Atlanta, United States

According to the statistics, TWICE achieved a total of 1,294,524 income from their concert in Atlanta, USA, this would place the K-Pop group as the #4 artist with the most income in a single concert in State Farm Arena. This is how TWICE makes its mark in the United States thanks to all the fans who came to their tour in the country.

TWICE made history with its show in Atlanta | Twitter: @oncetwicebrasil

This concert took place on February 24, 2022, and, as shown in the previous image, the venue was packed, ONCE really wanted to see TWICE live.

How many fans attended to TWICE's concert in Atlanta?

TWICE's concert in Atlanta was at the State Farm Arena which has a capacity of 21,000 attendees, so it is estimated that this was the number of fans who attended the concert, since the venue was completely full.

This was TWICE show in Atlanta | Twitter: @oncetwicebrasil

This was an amazing show for TWICE and ONCE, they had a great time together and also are now as a part of Atlanta's  State Farm Arena history.

Get to know more about TWICE and its members, do you know who from this girl group is japanese? This is its Japan Line.

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