TWICE for 'Celebrate' TWICE for 'Celebrate'

TWICE is the best seller girl group of the 3rd K-Pop generation

TWICE is one of the mots popular girl groups of the world. It is also the female K-Pop group with the best album sales.

In 2015 TWICE arrived to the scenarios with the album "The Story Begins".  Almost immediately the group gained the affection of the public with their cute but fres music style. The massive success came with the second single of the girls "Cheer Up".

At the moment, the music video of this song has more than 494 millions of views. Since then the world noticed that these talented artists were ready to become a global sensation. 

The singers of "The Feels" are not just popular on social media. In just a few days TWICE will be finishing the "Twice 4th World Tour III". All the concerts in the United States and Japan were sold out.

TWICE world tour poster / By @it9WICE

TWICE popularity is not a joke! It makes sense that the group is the best selling female artist in K-Pop. We are telling you they record.

TWICE has sold more than 7 million album copies

In December 2021 the Korean music chart Gaon confirmed that TWICE was surpassing the 7.1 million sold album copies. With this achievement the group became the best selling girl group in the history of this chart.

According to Statista, during 2021 TWICE sold 1.6 million copies just in Korea. The latest album of the group "Formula of Love: O+T=<3" sold more than 800 k copies in its first week.

TWICE for 'Formula of Love: O+T=<3' / By @BEASTWlCE

The fanbase is realizing TWICE is the best selling from the 3rd and 4rd K-Pop generation at the same time. The second place  in thi list is the group from the same agency JYP Entertainment ITZY.

Congratulations to TWICE!

ONCE, among all the discography of TWICE, what is your favorite album?

The members are really grateful with the fans, check  here the cute present TWICE sent to celebrate the Child's day.

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