TWICE in New York TWICE in New York

TWICE is now the the most successful girl group on Twitter

The girls of Twice have conquered another achievement on social media: 10 million followers on Twitter.

TWICE is already a breaking records band. Every single comeback is giving to the girls amazing achievements. Their current tour "4th World Tour III" in the United States has reported sold-out for all the shows. 

The singers of "Dance the Night Away" are making a big mark in K-Pop history. The popularity of the group on social media is not a joke. Do you want to know more?

TWICE for their reality show / By @JYPETWICE

New record for Twice on Twitter

On April 9th the official Twitter account of TWICE reported a new record. The band now has more than 10 millions of followers on the platform. It is a perfect place for ONCE -the fanbase-, to keep in contact with the artists. 

At the moment, TWICE is the only girl band to get this achievement. Just EXOTXT and BTS have, as well, over more than 10 million followers on Twitter.

2WICE's Watching Event / By @JYPETWICE

Member's schedule, special events, backstage photos and too much more. Everything is on their account. Do you already follow the girls on Twitter?

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