TWICE in Los Angeles TWICE in Los Angeles

TWICE is coming back! When we'll listen to their new music?

TWICE is finally getting ready for its comeback. This is everything you need to know about it.

In November 2021 TWICE dropped its latest album "Formula of Love: O+T=<3". As usual, it was a whole success all over the world. We are sure that the title single "Scientist" is still among the most streamed song on your playlist.

Since then the singer of "Dance the Night Away" have been working a lot in with their "WORLD TOUR III". All the shows in Korea, Japan and the United States were sold out. The group already has conquered the public of too many countries.

TWICE members / By @cIownces

The group is not on hiatus, the members are always busy, However, ONCE is always expecting new music from the Idols. You don't have to wait too much. We have great news: TWICE could be doing a comeback pretty soon!

TWICE's comeback has been confirmed

Recently, Korean media Allure confirmed that TWICE has settled down its schedule to promote as a full group on August 26th. This date will come after the end of the solo promotions of the members such as Nayeon with her solo album debut.

TWICE members / By @DubuSpecial

Meanwhile, on May 16 TWICE's official Twitter account posted a mysterious Tweet. Back then we saw two dates without any context. Those dates are June 24, 2022, and August 26, 2022.

That's not all, there are more hints. Recently, the members revealed that they are working on some secret projects, Apparently, they're preparing various surprises for ONCE.

In addition, there are some rumors that Tzuyu could be also making her solo debut just after Nayeon's promotions for her album "Im Nayeon" finished.

Stay tuned, we rea waiting for JYP Entertainment to confirm all this information.

While we are waiting, check here what TWICE members did to have fun during their busy world tour.

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