TWICE prepares for their world tour TWICE prepares for their world tour

TWICE is caught at the airport for their 4th World Tour III 

After in-person events were cancelled due to the pandemic, TWICE will finally return to U.S. soil to meet and spend time with ONCE

The girls of TWICE will be more present than ever as the band will finally have a tour after their limited performances due to the pandemic.

TWICE is finally getting ready for their 4th World Tour III, which will take place in several cities in the United States. The last tour of this girl group was interrupted due to COVID-19, a situation that affected the whole world, but now they are more than ready to visit their fans in American territory.

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TWICE is seen at the airport

TWICE finally prepared for their tour around the U.S., the girls will finally be able to meet all their fans outside Korea with this long-awaited tour for them and ONCE.

The Fancy performers showed up at the airport with the nine members, that's right! Jeongyeon will also be on the tour delighting all their fans with her amazing dancing skills and melodious voice to accompany her TWICE teammates.

The idol stole glances not only for her presence, but also for her change of look, as her hair was dyed blue.

The media was already waiting for the girls at the airport to wish them a good trip and of course to capture their famous "airport outfits".

It seems that TWICE also arrived safe and sound at their destination and we can only wait for the girls to start their presentations.

We wish TWICE a lot of success in their tour and that ONCE enjoys the presence of the girls in their city.

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