Jinsoul loves TWICE Jinsoul loves TWICE

TWICE inspires LOONA's Jinsoul, she confessed that they are her favorite girl group

Did you know that TWICE is LOONA's Jinsoul's favorite girl group?

Jinsoul is a talented member of LOONA and she really looks up to TWICE, so they have inspired her on her journey as an idol.

TWICE is a K-Pop group that since their debut caught the attention of a lot of fans in the industry. In 2015 we saw these 9 idols who are part of the girl group shine for the first time and little by little they have been growing and demonstrating more and more of their skills in the studio and on stage.

There is so much to admire from all the idols that are a part of TWICE, and these artists are inspiring new generations in K-Pop who look up to them as a role model within their work. They are truly spectacular in many ways. His talent shines and draws attention even from fans and other artists as well.

On the other hand, we have LOONA, a girl group that debuted in 2016 and has extremely talented and charismatic members. Just like TWICE, these girls have also let us see their talents and abilities through their own story. Both are talented girl groups which rule in K-Pop industry.

And this time, Jinsoul from LOONA revealed how much she admires TWICE, even if they're just a year apart, she really loves the other girl group.

LOONA's Jinsoul revealed that her favorite girl group is TWICE

Through a fancall, ORBIT asked LOONA's Jinsoul about his favorite girl group. She without thinking said that she was TWICE. Woah! It seems that the other idols really inspire the LOONA member. Fans of both girl groups were more than happy to hear this.

She even did a part of the choreography for 'POP!' from Nayeon, awww! How cute! Fans really hope LOONA x TWICE will have a TikTok together or some other beautiful interaction soon.

Jinsoul had already revealed his love for TWICE before

Previously, in another fancall with ORBIT, a fan asked Jinsoul why she wanted to be friends with TWICE's Sana and she said her reasons why she wanted to be friends with the said girl group idols. Jinsoul is really cute, we adore her.


We hope that there will be a friendship of TWICE and LOONA and see them interact soon, we have great affection for both girl groups, all these artists are extremely amazing.

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