TWICE for 'The Feels' TWICE for 'The Feels'

TWICE impresses the U.S Secretary of State due to its massive popularity

Antony J. Blinken has talked about K-Pop as a way to connect between USA and Korea. This is what he said about his experience with TWICE.

No one can deny how powerful the Hallyu wave is. In the last few years Korean films, series, and music have been conquering the global industry with nothing but quality content. Just check the "Squid Game" euphoria, or too many other good examples.

Of course, we have to talk about K-Pop music as well. Nowadays, it's is an important is topic to be considered by the financial and political spheres. Not just the Korean government is taking seriously its artists but the whole globe.

TWICE at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert / Twitter @oncetwicebrasil

One of the most important groups of the scene is without any doubt TWICE. This is the best-selling girl group of the moment. Recently, the singers of "I Can't Stop Me" concluded their sold-out tour in America. This is what the Secretary of State of this country has to say about it.

Antony J. Blinken talks about the K-Pop music and TWICE

On June 13th the Secretary of State of the United States Antony J. Blinken held a press conference in order to talk about the relationship between his country and South Korea. After explaining how relevant K-Pop music is, the politician shared his story about the encounter with TWICE.

On May 18th the group performed the famous song "The Feels" on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert. During the same night, Blinken attended the show as a guest. This is what the secretary shared about his K-Pop moment.

As we arrived at The Late Show, there was a huge crowd at the backstage door and for a minute, I have to admit, I thought "Well, maybe they're here to see me". No

Eventually, Blinken realized why there were tons of people. All of them were waiting for TWICE. We also praised the wonderful performance of the members.

TWICE was also on the show that night, that's why they were there. And by the way, they were terrific.

The secretary recalled the important meeting of BTS with President Joe Biden at the White House. He said that it was an important day for the American ARMYs.

K-Pop is conquering the world! What do you think about it?

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