TWIce for 'Time to Time' TWIce for 'Time to Time'

TWICE has a daiting reality show, this is what you need to know about 'Soulmate'

What is "TIME TO TWICE, Soulmate" about? The girl group TWICE has its own dating reality show. We have all the details for you.

Do you want to brighten your mood? If this is your case, definitely TWICE is the group for you. The iconic band is famous because of their cheerful songs. Their performances are super energetic as well. 

At the same time the members show the best side of themselves. In order to make the fans happy, the girls are always looking for new ideas to give a good moment to ONCE.

Since their early days, the group has been working in multiple variety shows. In those we can see the fun personalities of the girls. Recently they have revealed their new show "TIME TO TWICE, Soulmates" , a dating reality show. Do you want to watch it?


"TIME TO TWICE, Soulmates" the dating show of TWICE

TWICE has a variety show called "TIME TO TWICE". It was made to show the hilarious side of the Idols. They chose various concepts to explore some situations. Their latest topic for the show is making ONCE really happy.

Not that along the original Netflix show "Singles Inferno" was the sensation in Korea. After the popularity of this dating reality TWICE decided to release they own version. "TIME TO TWICE, Soulmates" is a parody of the concept of this kind of shows.

We can see the members joining the "Soulmate House" a place where those who are feeling lonely can find their soulmate among the participants. Of course the 9 girls are the main and exclusive casting.

TWICE members for 'Soulmate' / By @NabongIEM

The fans love the show because of how realistic it is. The members of TWICE never break down the mood, they stay in character no matter what situation it is. The show include various dynamics the participant will face to find their soulmate

Where can I watch TIME TO TWICE, Soulmate?

The first episode of TIME TO TWICE, Soulmate was dropped on April 8th on the official Youtube channel of the group. Every week we can enjoy a new video. You need to watch the show before the spoilers arrive on your feed. Check the first episode here.

Recently Dahyun revealed her new photobook, she expressed her feelings for ONCE. Check out this article to know the story.

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