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TWICE had fun during its 'WORLD TOUR III' with these hilarious missions

How do the members of TWICE spend their rest time during a world tour? These are the missions they try to have fun with even on the busy days.

A few weeks ago the K-Pop sensation, TWICE finished its tour "WORLD TOUR III" in Los Angeles. The popularity of the groups is not a joke. It achieves an amazing mark for the Idols, now they are the first K-Pop female artist to hold a stadium concert.

We are talking about a sold out tour. The group even added two shows for the "Encore Concert" at the Banc of California Stadium. These beautiful singers were really busy traveling from city to city. However, they know how to have fun, just look at their cute missions.


TWICE talks about its fun missions during its world tour

On May 31st the official Youtube channel of TWICE dropped a new episode of "TW-LOG". This time the members are recalling some of their best moments during their "WORLD TOUR III". To have a little bit of fun they recorded themselves trying to complete a mission.

Jeongyeon needed to take a selfie with Nayeon and post it on social media. She got it easily. Meanwhile, Tzuyu couldn't complete her mission to interview all the members because she forgot to ask Mina anything.

TWICE talking about its tour / By @goomvi

Mina made more than two members laugh out without intention and naturally during live streaming and she completed the mission. Sana also got her goal of kissing more than 2 members. Jihyo recorded a Mukbang without laughing not even once.

Dahyun needed the members to say "Is this your mission?" at least 10 times and she got it. Nayeon played pranks on camera for two members. The Idols were annoyed with the easy mission of Momo she just have to make a gesture in front of Chaeyoung.

Finally, Chaeyoung completed her mission making Momo angry. Those who failed the missions will face a hilarious punishment. Do you want to see what the members did? Check the full video here, it'll make you laugh a lot.

Nayeon is getting ready to release her solo album "Im Nayeon". Check the tracklist here.

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