TWICE for 'Celebrate' TWICE for 'Celebrate'

TWICE drops tracklist and teaser for 'Celebrate', its upcoming Japanese album

TWICE is coming back with its 4th Japanese album "Celebrate". The group has revealed the tracklist of this new project.

TWICE is finally doing a comeback. No matter if it is a Japanese project, ONCE is really excited to listen to ore music of the group. The K-Pop sensation is one of the best-selling artists in that country.

The singers of "The Feels" have insane popularity in Japan. Just a few mmonthsonjth ago they held two sold-out concerts at the Tokyo Dome, which is one of the biggest and more important venues in the world.

TWICE for 'Celebrate' / Twitter @JYPETWICE_JAPAN

We also have to mention that TWICE is the most certificated foreign music act in Japan. Its album has sold millions of copies. It makes sense, the Idols dropped awesome Japanese singles. Do you want to know what are the next hits? Here's the "Celebrate" tracklist.

TWICE discloses tracklist for its new album 'Celebrate'

On July 6th TWICE Japan's official Twitter account revealed the tracklist for the upcoming Japanese album Celebrate. The title has the same name as the album. This time all the members participated in the lyrics with their CEO, J.Y. Park.

Tracklist of 'Celebrate' / Twitter @JYPETWICE_JAPAN

The next one is the energetic song "Voices of Delight". Dahyun wrote the lyrics of "TICK TOCK" and "That's all I'm Saying'. The album will include "Flow Like Waves", "Bitter Sweet", and "Sandcastle", "Just be yourself" and the single "Doughnut".

What is the concept of 'Celebrate'?

The first pictures of the album show the members wearing elegant outfits while the press is surrounding them. It has some Hollywood vibes, and, as usual, the members look gorgeous.

On the other hand, on July 5th the first teaser for the album was dropped. The concept of this video is very different, the members are together in a colorful room. They have youthful outfits and adorable stuffed animals. Here's the Teaser 1.

TWICE' Nayeon just broke a wonderful record on Billboard with her solo album "Im Nayeon". We are telling you everything. 

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